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Welcome to SCARF

SCARF Pet Memorial Wall Update

Our Scarf website is still in the process of upgrading. The Memorial Wall feature to have a picture rotating on the Scarf home page of your beloved animal and it's name will have to be delayed until the upgrade is completed. During this process, you can continue to add animals.

These Memorial Wall pages are a tribute to our beloved companions who have gone before us.  Because of their friendship and unconditional love, we are forever changed for the better.  

Once completed, we will have a fitting tribute to your beloved buddy, who has shared your days and who lives on in your heart...more

Samoyed DNA Bank/ Database...Exciting  Milestone Reached

The Samoyed breed is the first AKC Breed to establish a DNA repository for the storage of the DNA of all Samoyeds and the collection of anonymous, accurate, statistical data that can be reported to the public...more

Animal Rights (AR) and your Samoyed's Health

How do those two go together?  Simply put, if the AR activists have their way, you won't have to be concerned about your pet's health because you won't have a pet.  The AR agenda is a very serious threat to our right to own and control the care for our pets...more

In The News...

10-15-2010 ACVO will now clear benign retinal folds with a clear result on the  DNA test for Retinal Dysplasia/Dwarfism  ... more

Current, up-to-date information on the various pet food/treat recalls...more

A DNA Collection Event can be used to fulfill AKC Eligibility Requirements for Holding Shows...more

Xylitol toxic to dogs...more

Scientific Breakthrough in the Screening & Treatment of Canine Lymphoma Cancer is a World First

A new screening test that may help save your Samoyed's life is available....more

Looking for information to document Samoyeds in Arctic regions...more




Coming Events...


SCARF will once again support health testing at this year's Samoyed Club of America National Specialty.  This support will help to lower costs for OFA Eye Examinations and OFA Cardiology examinations for Samoyeds.  For further information on these health clinics please check out the Samoyed Club of America 2016 National Specialty website at

Testing is a crucial part in helping us all to know and understand where the breed stands on different elements of health.  While some owners choose for their information to remain anonymous, the number of incidents are still recorded and reported.  It is beneficial to have this type of information in order to target research most beneficial to the breed.  Working to make health testing affordable helps to achieve this crucial information.

For more information on the  bloat study


Recent SCARF Happenings...


The Sam Club of Arizona held a DNA collection for Bloat Study on 11/3/12.

The Sam Club of Arizona held a DNA collection for Bloat Study on 11/10/12.

British Samoyed Club held a DNA Collection for Cataract Study more...

The November 2011 Scarf E-bay Auction was a success  more...

Greater Pittsburgh Samoyed Club held DNA Collection clinic during May 2011 shows ...more

DSA held second DNA collection clinic during Feb 2011 shows...more

Spirit of St. Louis Samoyed Club hosted another DNA collection for SCARF...more

Seminar: Documenting the Ancient Origins of the Samoyed by Dr. Sandra Olsen...more

SCARF-Optigen Fall 20/20 Clinic

We had a tremendous response to the first ever virtual 20/20 clinic. Over 200 tests were performed.  Recent test statistics...more 


Thank you all for your generous support.  The auction was a success raising over $4500.

World Samoyed Conference

SCARF supported a DNA collection clinic at the World Samoyed Meeting in Bratislava, Slovakia on October 10th, 2009...more


Clubs who have already hosted collection events for SCARF:

DNA Bank Collection Events:

Northern California Samoyed Fanciers held a collection clinic at their June 2010 specialty.  11 Samoyeds were collected...more

Barbary Coast Samoyed Club [BCSC] has held two DNA collection events for SCARF...more

The Spirit of St. Louis Samoyed Club launched the first DNA Collection event ...more

The Greater Milwaukee Samoyed Fanciers generously volunteered their time to run a test DNA Collection event...more

The Denver Samoyed Association held its First DNA Collection event...more

The Samoyed Fanciers of Central Florida (SFCF) held the first ever DNA collection event at a specialty show on January 23rd, 2010. DNA was collected from 37 Samoyeds...more

Previously held Research Study Collection Clinics...more




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